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Academy of Couture Art in Beverly Hills welcomes you to the world of luxury and couture fashion. Here you will find links to ACA sites commonly visited by prospective students.


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Parents and families are the root of success for the Academy of Couture Art community and future designers. Here you will find links to ACA sites commonly visited by parents and family.


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Academy of Couture Art is a professional community building futures and lines one alumni and friend at a time. Here you will find links to events, workshops, and activities for growing your professional partnerships.


What they have to say about ACA

  • After graduating with an AA in Fashion Design from FIDM, I felt as if my education was still incomplete and began a search for a school that would deliver to me the high end technique of couture pattern, sewing, and design that I desired. I found the education that I was searching for at The Academy of Couture Art and have seen my skills and talents grow exponentially since I began here a year and a half ago. I have learned more and grown more than I ever expected from any institute. Because it is such a small school with small class sizes, the students are really able to get one-on-one help from all the faculty which you will not find anywhere else. The school is in a wonderful location that allows students to flourish within the high end market that we cater to. As someone who wants a career as a pattern designer, rather than fashion designer, ACA has been everything that I could of hoped for because they are one of the only schools that offers a BA in Pattern Design. I have learned so much since I have been here and can't wait for all that I will continue to learn so that I can have my dream career once I graduate.

    Lindsey SMITH 50x50 Home
    Lindsey Smith
  • I like ACA. I have been here for half year but I can really tell that I learned a lot. It is not very big school, but I think it make student and teachers more like family.

    End LU 50x50 Home
    End Lu
  • I have been a professor at the college since they started about eight years ago. I have been teaching in higher education for the past ten years and I love my job! The faculty and students are such a pleasure to work with and the atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm. I also teach at other colleges and universities, but at the Academy I have the opportunity to work one on one with my students because they keep the classes to 10-15 students. It truly is an academy of art.

    Dhona Spacinsky 50x50 Home
    Dhona Spacinsky
  • I started attending ACA Fall of 2013 after leaving The art institute of San Francisco January 2013, and I can honesty say that it was the best decision of my life. At AI I was disrespected and treated like everyone else. I was spoken to like a child and not as the young adult that I am.  I had no since of identity as a student and as a designer. When I left AI I felt abused, sad and relived at the same time. Making my next move to another fashion school was more delicate now than it was before. I was a wounded lamb and couldn't trust anyone in a industry of lions. My first meeting at ACA Thierry and Sonia Ete made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They spoke into my life as a hungry student and as a young Christian woman. They met me where I was mentally and emotionally so I didn't just see them as a institution but I saw them as people who had big dreams, lived them, and genuinely wanted to make sure every student that walks in their door lives their as well. To all future students, definitely take ACA into consideration, you will get a top notch education that you can only get overseas in a positive and loving environment, it will be the best decision of your life.

    Chelsea A.
  • The Academy of Couture Art is truly one of the world’s absolute best and foremost fashion colleges, providing a top notch education with expertise like none other. The faculty is comprised of leading industry professionals whose mastery of the subject matter, real world experience and guidance make for a positively unparalleled education. Course instruction is hands on with amazing educators that provide students with a great deal of one on one attention and personalized education to insure success as a student and in the industry. Sonia and Thierry are true visionaries and artists who impart upon their students the mentorship, know how, business savvy and world’s best techniques to enable them to become the next fashion industry leaders at the top of their field.

    Thank you so much Academy of Couture Art for giving me the skills, knowledge and confidence to fulfill my dreams and succeed!

    Lots of Love, Laurel V.
    laurel valencia wardrobe stylist 50x50 Home
    Laurel V.
  • I come from a fashion university previously, however the great advantage about the Academy is you get one on one skill training and development from the professors and staff that will take you to the next level with the industry. I came to visit the Academy in the summer and was really impressed and excited about my journey forward of attending to prepare me for the fashion industry.
    tidwell 50x50 Home
    Nick Tidwell
  • Coming from a fashion school previously, I was excited about Academy of Couture Art. The material is great, the teachers are skillful and helpful, and the knowledge you develop here is incredible. It's small classes, max students 10 or 11, and for me it works because I can get more of a one on one with the teacher. It's a very creative school, and they help you get to your goal.
    Drizz Joyner
  • I have been teaching trend forecasting at ACA for 7 years, the program being based on french fashion curriculum offers the best learning tools including technical skills, creative environment and strong academics. I have enjoyed the professional atmosphere the school has to offer making it a nurturing place for students and faculty alike.
    N Gie 50x50 Home
    N Gie
  • I am currently a senior attending the Academy of Couture Art for a BA in Fashion Design and BS in Pattern Design. I have earned an AA in Fashion Design from a different fashion trade school prior to ACA. From the first day of class, I INSTANTLY saw the difference of their high- end couture aesthetic that the other American Fashion Schools lack (FIDM, Academy of Art, Art Institute, etc). The pattern design program is impeccable and the student learns every curve of the body, and how to create nearly perfect patterns on the first try! Having worked in the industry for a short time after my first degree at a previous school... I couldn't believe that with ACA's pattern techniques you didn't need to do 5-8 fittings for the garment to fit right. The techniques you learn at this school are priceless. From flawless croquis to made to measure perfect fit garments! Prior to attending ACA, I had very limited confidence in my designs and pattern making skills. I was told at my previous school that I wasn't meant to be a designer... that is one of the most heartbreaking things to hear from a so called "mentor".. but the instructors at ACA changed that. They guided me and trained my eye to design timeless and elegant pieces, as well as draft and construct them. After 3 quarters into the program, I managed to make 2 wedding gowns within 3 months! There are even courses that teach you how to make avant garde accessories and embellish your own fabric. The instructors are very hands on and are ALWAYS available to help the student. Attending this school has been the best decision I've done to further my career to do what I love.
    Raquel van Daalen Wetters
  • It must have been serendipity (is she a Muse?) that brought me to the Academy of Couture Art in June 2007. A month later I began classes to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pattern Design, and achieved that degree in 2011. Previously, my career had zig-zagged from custom dress-making to costume construction to teaching sewing at fabric stores. Here was an environment that inspired me to put all my experience into context and develop my ability to ultimately teach at ACA. The opportunity to share my lifetime of experience and love of textile and fashion history with the students - and to continue to learn! - has been hugely rewarding. My mentor, Mrs. Sonia ETE, owner of ACA, continues to show me the endless opportunities in the luxury couture and high-end fashion arenas. The products of the fashion industry are always changing, but the need for excellent training does not change. Devotion to the perfection, beauty, and balance of couture design and creation is the hallmark of the programs at ACA. So ahead of it's time yet so current! Future students - open your eyes, hearts, and minds to the unique education you will receive. It will continue to give throughout your life.
    ENYART Kay 50x50 Home
    Kay Enyart
  • Amazing school, there is so much you can learn here you would be amazed! The teachers are incredible helpful no matter what you need, some are tough but in the end you realize just how much you really learn in the classes! Costume history I must say is my favorite class, it's hard and a lot of work (no joke) but believe me in the end you will be shocked how much you know, remember and how much you will thank and miss him when you are done.
    Laura Kirani
  • It's a pretty great school. The classes are small so you get more one-on-one with instructors and learn more. With the school being small in size it creates a more "family-oriented" atmosphere. Also the administration really cares and looks out for each student. So far, I have been at ACA for 2 years and the education is well worth what your paying. You also learn a lot, especially in the design and pattern classes. It's all good.
    Rachel S
  • "... I have finished my BA in fashion design and will be done with my BS in pattern engineering in a few quarters. I am currently working full time as a freelance pattern maker for several different companies and private clients. For anybody interested in the art of pattern making and fashion design, I highly recommend ACA based off my experiences at other design colleges. ..."

    Christina M. 50x50 Home
    Christina M.
  • “...a rare find, even in a city like Los Angeles, which is the epicenter of garment manufacturing in the United States.”
    John ARGUELLES 50x50 Home
    John ARGUELLES, Former Co-Chair Fashion Group International of Los Angeles Foundation
  • “These future professionals will be nimble and open to innovation, qualifying them to excel in high-end micro markets that require the best minds, talents, and skills.”
    Erwin WIESER 48x48 Home
    Erwin WIESER, Vice President of Operations, SWAROVSKI GEMS™
Career Services

The Academy of Couture Art Career Center prepares for professional leadership in the industry. We pride ourselves on connecting designers with companies fitting their uniqueness. The Career Center offers personalized career counseling, workshops, job postings, and extracurricular internships. Here you will find more about our growing network and services.


Student Consumer Information

Academy of Couture Art provides the following consumer information as an aid to current and prospective students and their families.

From financial aid facts and forms and information from our Student Services and Career Services departments to academic information including course information, textbooks, and catalogs, it’s all on these pages.


ACA Le Rêve Fashion Show

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    DJ Colleen SHANNON the World Sexiest DJ wears a fabulous Academy of Couture Art Gown

    DJ Colleen SHANNON the World Sexiest DJ wears a fabulous Academy of Couture Art Gown

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    Actress BAI Ling loves to wear Academy of Couture Art Designs for her events

    Actress BAI Ling loves to wear Academy of Couture Art Designs for her events

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    Actress Tia BARR wears an Academy of Couture Art design on the Red Carpet of the Emmy's 2014

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    Academy of Couture Art at the 66th Emmy Awards 2014

    Academy of Couture Art founders at the 66th Emmy Awards 2014.

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    Erin BROWN and “Kiss of a Siren” designer team won the 2014 IFFA Best Costume Award

    Academy of Couture Art is so proud to announce the 2014 La Jolla International Fashion Film Best Costume award of...

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    The Art of Haute Couture Embroidery, Special Guest Daniela Matzko-Dhonden, Berlin

    February 12, 2013

    "The Art of Haute Couture Embroidery"

    By Daniela Matzko-Dhonden

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    Enchanting Snow White: ACA coutures Halloween for Playboy Mansion

    The Playboy Mansion kicked off Halloween with a smashing party October 27th in Beverly Hills. The fairest of them all was Snow White; Trisha Frick, girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, looked enchanting.

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    A Midsummer Night’s Dream: ACA designs for Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriends

    ACA student designers were commissioned to make Moroccan inspired costumes for Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, Trisha Frick and Chelsea Ryan.

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    Congratulations to ACA’s Angela WU 1st place winner OC Fashion Week

    Angela WU has been turning heads since she debuted her ACA Associate of Art runway collection on the ACA Collide runway in 2010.

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    ACA Graduates Launch Their Career

    ...at the Orange County Fashion Association's 2nd Annual Student Design Competition for OC Fashion Week 2012.

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    Academy of Couture Art Le Reve Gala celebrates next generation of haute couture

    Hosted by Rachel Bailit of the Conan O'Brien Show the 2012 event, Le Reve, celebrated achievements in design...

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    The Magic of Couture at Chagoury Couture Fall/Winter 2012

    Sparks of glamour, champagne flowing and the most stunning celebrities carried over the magic of Mr. Chagoury's Couture 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

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    Legendary Designer James GALANOS Guest

    As many know, Designer James GALANOS is the leader of excellence in craftsmanship and design.

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    Academy of Couture Art gets a double take from Monaco!

    In Monaco, ACA designers presented a collection paired with red carpet couturier, Gilbert Chagoury Couture

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    Five days to Monaco! A Look in the Haute Couture Studio

    Five days until we head off to Monaco for the Monaco Charity Film Festival fashion show.

  • DSC029191 320x320 Home

    ACA Designers go to Monaco!

    Congratulations ACA designers on your selection for the Monaco Charity Film Festival in Monaco this May!

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    Actress, fashion journalist, artist muse, Rachel BAILIT visits Modèle Vivant

    For a designer inspired by the human form, a muse with a bit of character can go a long way.

  • P3070000 320x320 Home

    ACA Costume at LACMA Costume Council: That California Look

    On Wednesday, March 07, 2012, the History of Costume III class, taught by Professor Douglas Spesert, was invited to attend a nearby lecture at the LA County Museum of Art.

  • DSC02430sm 320x320 Home

    2012 Oscar Red Carpet Couturier Gilbert CHAGOURY in Fashion Show Prep

    Just after the 2012 Oscar weekend, Academy of Couture Art continued the festivities with a special red carpet couture designer guest, Gilbert Chagoury of Chagoury Couture, in the atelier of Fashion Show Prep.

  • 9e 320x320 Home

    A Los Angeles Times Exclusive

    For anyone considering fashion schools especially in Los Angeles, the LA Times January 2012 article by Susan Carpenter is a must.

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    A Couture Wedding by Designer Michelle SHIN OH

    When it's Christmas in Los Angeles, you have to make it white.

  • DSC00424small 320x320 Home

    Demi-Couture Designers take West Coast

    For a Saturday afternoon downtown Portland you can feel glamour all around.

  • 216383 10150229375060971 504865970 9243192 8201073 n 320x320 Home

    National Geographic consults Costume History Faculty

    When National Geographic approached Academy of Couture Art for an interview about famous parties past and present and what was worn...

  • Heidi An Urban II 320x320 Home

    Designer Heidi AN for Urban Outfitters and Forever 21

    Academy of Couture Art congratulates graduate Heidi AN as she takes a bold, confident step to build her own line in NYC.

  • Victoria CATES 2011 320x320 Home

    Designer Victoria CATES wins 2011 Velvet Brigade Competition

    Congratulations to Fashion Designer Victoria CATES winner of the 2011 Velvet Brigade Design Competition.

  • paulmitchell Aug2011 320x320 Home

    Paul Mitchell the school Portland and Academy of Couture Art

    Paul Mitchell the school Portland Hair and Makeup team partners with Academy of Couture Art Bachelor Degree Fashion Designers...

  • LACMA June 20110012 320x320 Home

    Designers with LACMA Costume Council and Cirque Du Soleil

    Academy of Couture Art Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design students Sarah KIM (Stylist/Fashion Designer) and Brenda RAMIREZ (Fashion Designer) have a behind the scenes look

  • Marilyn Monroe 320x320 Home

    Fine Art of Fashion: Illustrating Marilyn Monroe

    Fashion and Pattern Designer Michelle SHIN is recognized for her talent in the fashion illustration skills...